About Us

A-TEAM TECHNICAL SHIP REPAIR EQUIPMENT AND INTERNATIONAL SHIP SUPPLY COMPANY can provide all kinds of services from simple repair to engineering projects, maintenance, supply of safety equipment,  installation and repair of all alarm systems, service of bridge equipment, annual certification of epirp and conditions and battery replacement, main and auxiliary machines; maintenance and repair of separators; sell plate renewal and pipe changes, all welding operations; hydraulic system repairs, maintenance and so on. We are also PPG MARINE PAINTS distributor in Turkey. We have stocks  for your vessel’s periodic or urgent need for technical equipment and also we have an assertive inventory and infrastructure.

Our aim is to provide instant supplies of dealerships, maps, imo symbols, which can not be found in Izmir (Aegean Region), Izmit and surrounding ports, but they may be urgent necessities of the ship. Likewise, we would like to let you know that we will be with you with the technical services such as lifeboat test, life raft inspection and certification (authorization certificate), cranes, boom, cargogear tests under the supervision of PSC or CLAS. A-Tim aims to help our customers in every way by operating with the most appropriate prices and wide product range in the technical sector.

In summary A-team can provide:

Technical assistance with our IACS certified workshop & experienced engineers.

Any kind of Steel plate repairing with IACS approved certified welders.

Any kind of technical & safety equipment (L/boat& L/raft /Davit / LSA & FFE equipment inspection).

Ship propeller, deck and sea chest cleaning & repairing, UW surveys.

LASHING Operations with certified crew members &  class approved lashing  materials.

Provision supply & updated nautical publications.

PPG- SIGMA marine coatings (paints).

Any kind shipyard operation.


A-TEAM SHIP REPAIR is a certified distributor of PPG MARINE PAINTS. We can provide PPG BRAND all kinds of marine coatings for our customers at any Turkish port, transit and shipyards.

PPG Certificate