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A-Team Ship Repair and Technical Service

A-Team Ship Repair and Technical Service Company founded by CHF/ENG Birol Gürsel Sicilli in 2001, started the shipping in Turkey/ Izmir. In its first steps, A-team started to offer provisions and consumables on One-Stop-Shop supply service basis, to meet the expectations of its customers. With positive feedbacks from the clients and the innovative spirit of the management, the company faced rapid growth in the market.
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Quality and on-site service

business culture of A-team. In 2010, he opened a branch office in Istanbul shipyard region. In this way, it started to provide a new service by cooperating with some shipyards.


With our experienced staff and vast maritime experience for 20 years, we have been growing and expanding our service range day by day. While expanding our services, we never compromise on the quality of the work we do, on the contrary, we are taking firm steps forward with our business partnerships to serve you better and to be the first company that comes to mind in any problem that.